2014 Fujian tombstone industry in response to raw material prices,rising wages and export prices respond to shocks,such as the proposed

2014-2-10 8:51:35    

 2014 Fujian tombstone industry in response to raw material prices, rising wages and export prices intended to shock response, in 2013 , Fujian tombstone industry a little too " warm " is not up , the Horse Spring has not yet come , and many manufacturers already quietly shut the door.
Stone Industry Association of Fujian Province , according to a survey conducted in 2013 shows that last year the province's tombstone production and only 610 enterprises , of which 310 Hoi An , Nam 80 , 20 in Fuzhou , Xiamen and Zhangzhou, 200 ; while In 2010 , the province's tombstone production and management for more than 780 companies . This means that, for three years to reduce the more than 170 tombstones, Fujian, production and management companies.

"Oh external environment, fewer orders, blocks and rising costs and labor costs year after year, corporate profits have been squeezed almost everything." Nanan City Star Stone Co., Ltd. Chairman Koo igneous told reporters that he is also waiting to see if this year market prices down still so powerful, he might give up some tombstones business.
To save themselves, Fujian Province stone steles Industry Association Professional Committee after internal deliberations, announced its intention to from this year on March 1, to undertake foreign production processing fee per order only raises $ 5.

Tombstone has been declining orders
Tombstones stone called traditional industries in Fujian Province, mainly in Hoi An, Nam and other places. As the skilled hand-carved, stone tombstone was most proud of Hoi An industry, and thus the formation of large-scale industrial clusters. Also in Southampton Ishii, head, also gathered a group of tombstones production and processing enterprises.
In addition to Japan, Europe , South Korea is also the company's most proud of Fujian tombstone market , Fujian carefully crafted tombstones Fine products by the market , and many people entering the tombstone industry " Gold Rush ", they purchase blocks from home and abroad processed into tombstones, re-exported to foreign countries , a " two out " pattern.

However, since the financial crisis broke out in 2008, especially since 2010, the province exported tombstone suffered heavy losses, has been declining orders. According to statistics, in 2013, Fujian Province steles enterprises to undertake export orders fell 12% year on year. The most obvious is to reduce Europe's orders, followed by Japan orders.
"The global economic recession , the original tombstone of two large export markets in Europe and Japan , demand continued to decline, orders have been withdrawn, and a substantial reduction in previously normal style tombstones and outside the gate , replaced by a simple type outer gate and small dwelling personalized ocean 's tombstone , only a few single set of orders significantly reduced . " Fujian Holdings Ltd Chairman Jiang Hao Xiang fine was analyzed. Many tombstones companies have been" hanging by a thread. "

According to reports, Hoi An, Nam tombstone manufacturer slight surplus of enterprises accounted for 40%, there are no profit enterprises accounted for 30% of loss-making enterprises accounted for 30%. The end of every year, more than 10 enterprises have ceased or career change.
Stone blocks rose over 100%
Orders dropped just one, rising costs are crushing blocks an important reason for many enterprises.
It is understood that in recent years, by the gradual closure of the Fujian provincial government policies affecting mining stone, blocks and sharp price increases of raw materials, some prices rise blocks have been to the extent of "crazy".