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 American stones are the art. Different tombstones have different symbols. Some symbols even have multiple meanings. Here are few of the more common symbols and their generally accepted meanings.

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The anchor stands for hope. It comes from the old sayings that hope is the anchor of the soul.

The angel stands for the messenger. People hope that the angel can send the message to the dead in order to express their feelings at present.

The angel stands for rebirth. The family wish that the dead can rebirth one day.

The birds stand for the dead of the souls. Some family wish that the souls of the dead can go on.

The clocks stand for passage of time. Though these are rare, there’s a fine example in Peterborough.

The columns stand for sorrow, life cut short.

The cross stands for the salvation.

The dove stands for holy ghost.

The effigies stand for the soul.

So different symbols have different meanings.