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 You can see the book tombstones everywhere in china. The functions of the book tombstones are to record some well-known persons’ feats, and to record some projects. The details of the book tombstones include the time, the places, and the actions.

Nowadays, more and more people feed the pets. So if you love your baby—your pets. Please buy a pet tombstone when they die. You can carve some words in order to express your emotions. These tombstones are usually made of the granites, the quality of the granite is exquisite, shining and hard. And it is uneasy to be weathered away into soil. Because of its high density, the blots are not allowed to invade the stones. These tombstones and monuments have high compression strengths, and low water-absorptivity, decorative strong. The surface enjoys the high hardness. The China stone also enjoys good chemical resistance.