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Caschmir Gold granite

Caschmir Gold granite

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Data on Kashmir Gold

Name: Kashmir Gold
Country: India
Catalog: Granite
Color: Yellow
Recommended Usage: Counter tops and bars,Interior wall panels,Water walls and fountains

Other names: Cashmere Gold Granite, Kashmire granite, Kashmere Granite 
Similar stones: Ivory Chiffon And Vyara India, Madura Gold And Sivakasi Yellow India


CompressiveStrength: 977kg/cm2
WaterAbsorption: 0.36%
Density: 2560kg/m3
FlexuralStrength: 11.9 - 13.7 Mpa

Delivery Details

  • ◇All stones are natural products, so color variation exists
  • ◇All prices are for FOB China unless specified
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Quality Guarantee
  • 1. Dimension: (LxWxT) :Tolerance +/-1MM (Thickness)
  • 2. Top face finish: Mirror Polished Finish.
  • 3. ISO9001 & CE

Kashmir Gold Granite Slab

Slabs of Granite are broad and thick, four sided pieces of stone larger than tiles. Particular application and usage of granite slabs varies with the finish, color and thickness of the slab. Different size of slabs are used for different purposes such as large sized slabs are mostly used for laying floors in huge halls, used as counter tops and table tops, thicker slabs are used as gravestones, tables tops, mortuary slabs, cremation urns and tombstones. Due to granite‘s hardness and polish, slabs of granite provide a very charming and elegant appeal to your home. The application therefore varies with the finish, color and thickness of the slab.
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1) Finish:Polished.Honed,Flamed
2) Slab size:
a) 2400upx1200upx20mm
b) 2400upx1200upx30mm