China Stone brand building requires patience

2014-2-9 9:18:34    

Enterprises should remain invincible in the fierce market competition. We must create the brand. Saying the brand is quality, that is effective, that is competitive, that is vitality. Brand is not only an important symbol of economic strength and market reputation , with many brands , but also a symbol of the country's economic strength , is a manifestation of the overall quality of the nation in the competitive market the brand , but can not find Chinese stone brand shadow , one wonders : China has the world's first production of stone, but no sales of the first product in the world , nor the world's first profit products . China, a stone on consumption, production, import and export power, it seems to be a very unusual thing.

Now China's stone industry, companies everywhere, competition is heating up. As early as in previous years, it has populations everywhere, and now it is crowded. From the early years of disorderly competition , price competition, vicious competition , the importance of brand advocates rational and fair competition , more and more companies realize now that the emergence of a river stone , Universal, high, Conley , Miles Stone , Dongsheng , Benson and a number of well-known enterprises . These enterprises through its own brand of shape and perfect, brand culture are more deeply rooted. Some nascent brand, are also struggling to develop the brand, to explore the potential of the brand.

Overall, more than a stone tile expensive, but there are some expensive than stone tile. Why? Because tile companies have started to do the brand, while still in the stone industry to do product stage. In the future, we will have to move the ' brand ' to do it.

So, why did not own Chinese stone known brands and the world's brand? Enterprises does not want, do not need to market or brand on the mechanism of stone products have any problems, we are trying to solve this mystery.

Some experts say that in brand research , study abroad, 100 world famous enterprises, of which 36% of enterprises have more than 100 years of history, with 28 percent of enterprises have 80-100 years old, 25 % of companies and 50 - 80 -year history , only 6% of business history of world-renowned companies within 50 years ( for example, 10-20 years ) . Although Chinese stone processing production history is long, but the beginning of a large-scale industrial production , but also for 20 years, a world famous enterprises rely on to grow up a long-term test of the market , relying on users to test, can not be hurried .

Some stone products manufacturing enterprises only pay attention , do not attach importance to the idea , and now the market competition , the competition is not just the price , the quality of competition , service competition , but the main thing is a brand competition, is a culture of competition , a competitive intelligence . Enterprises has a distinctive and stylish culture. But on the whole, China's current stone enterprises in technology has been fully equipped with the ability to create their own brand of stone , surviving only in the management of the stone in the creation of their own brand of insufficient practical good way to build their own brand is not found in the way .

Chinese stone industry to move towards faster development path, but also in foreign countries to establish benchmark companies, the creation of brand-name products, takes the fine roads. Brand in terms of an enterprise is crucial , and should therefore make great efforts to protect and assist the group, the scale of large companies create a brand name , training and encourage small businesses , not large scale enterprises to take an associate , industrialization , professional development of roads , rectification and removal is not trustworthy, poor product quality , disturb the market order business.

Currently, Nanan City headstone ready development " large group, big industry, big brands, big league, big business," a new pattern of industrial development. Introduction of reward incentives, encourage and guide enterprises to create brand stone, enhance the value and strive to 2015, add 3-5 pieces of national brands, regional brands started further.