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English Teak Granite

English Teak Granite

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Data on English Teak
Name: English Teak
Country: India
Catalog: Granite
Color: Brown
Synonyms: Engl. Teak, English Teak, Indian Teak, Pakala
Average Block size: 280 x 150
Recommended Usage: Suitable for interior and exterior applications
Description: English Teak is a Brown Granite from India
Compressive Strength: ~150 Mpa
Water Absorption: ~1.0 vol.-%
Density: 2.70 kg/dm³
Flexural Strength: ~15 Mpa

Synonyms: Engl. Teak, Englisch Teak, Indian Teak, Pakala

A brown-grey gneiss or migmatite of the Precambrian period.