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 Europe is a big continent with over 7 hundreds million of people lived there and there are 45 countries totally. Therefore, the requirement on European tombstone is different based on different location, history and culture background etc.

Although, the main styles of monuments are similar in Europe countries but the details on tombstone sometimes are different based on color, design or dimension in some countries. It is difficult to list all the styles of 45 countries’ gravestone. Therefore, we divide the Europe tombstone geographical as content in left side from China stone supplier.

Most of Europe monuments are made in granite such as dark China granite, red granite, multicolor, series granite, himalaya, blue, grey granite, white, marble,olive or tropical green granite, yellow sandstone, white marble, tan brown granite etc.


The main designs of monuments in Europe are headstone with kerbsets together. The designs of headstone will be based on the favor of local person traditionally as monuments belong to special commodities. The popular headstone styles are celtic cross,ogee,apex,cross,heart,bible,wave,round, canopy,wing with cross etc. The size of headstone will be different based on the requirement of different countries or area .