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Giallo Oranmental Kitchen Countertop

Giallo Oranmental Kitchen Countertop

Item No.JLPC005
Update Time:2010-12-30 12:31:16




Color:Yellow granite countertop,Black granite countertop,Brown granite countertop,White granite countertop,Red granite countertop,Blue granite countertop,Grey granite countertop,Green granite countertop etc.

Origin:Brazil,Finland,Norway,India,South Africa,America,China etc.

Standard Size:25‘‘x19‘‘x3/4‘‘,37‘‘x22‘‘x1 1/4‘‘,61‘‘x22‘‘x1 1/4‘‘,etc.

Backsplash Size:4‘‘x25‘‘x3/4‘‘,6‘‘x37‘‘x3/4‘‘,etc.

Upon customers‘ design,the hole and sinks are available.


Packages:Foamed plastic and fumigated wooden crates and reinforced with metal straps outside.

Project Countertop Processing:


Granite Slabs