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 The material of our products is granites from natural stone suppliers. The granites consist of the magma. When the temperature comes down, the magma will change into the granites. They are hard. At the beginning, they are the feldspar and the quartz which contain one or some black minerals. The structure of the granites is even. The granite slabs contain high compression strengths, and low water-absorptivity, decorative strong. The surface enjoys the high hardness. The Chinese granite also enjoys good chemical resistance. Its back-lighting is quite good. The granite slabs has dominated the global market. Now, the granite slabs are very popular.

The advantages of the granites also contain high bearing, high anti-pressure and high grinding ductility. The granites are easy to cut and carve. The granite porcelains play an important role in the construction industry in the world. For details, please click the left linkings.