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Impala Black Granite

Impala Black Granite

Item No.JL-GS2018090301
Update Time:2018-9-3 16:39:07


Dark grey colored medium-grained granite. Compact stone that exhibits what is called and “irregular” fracture. Its quartz transparent crystals gives the granite lightness and brilliance. 

Impala Black granite features shades of dark grays and blacks with low variation in pattern. This durable granite is recommended for use indoors and outdoors for a variety of projects including flooring, walls, countertops and landscaping projects.

This rare granite is composed of crystallized minerals, which are fully apparent in the texture of Impala Black. This stone is used for floors and wall cladding but also on countertops, particularly when polished, because its low porosity prevents liquids from being absorbed, making it easy to clean. A discreet array of almost invisible white dots fleck its dark gray, almost black color. With this solid color pattern, Impala Black works best in large spaces flooded in light. Pairing it with violets, purples, sky blues or lavenders, pearly grays or smoky hues will ensure a sensational decor.