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Japanese attach importance to the politeness, especially for the older. When the older die, the family will arrange elaborate funerals to the dead. There are some characters of the Japanese tombstone as follow:

First, the gradations are distinct. Although the Japanese tombstone makes us feeling multi-level, it makes a distinction between the important and the lesser one. Basically, every Japanese tombstone has a main monument; we can carve the words on the main monument, such as the owner, the festa, the relationship between the dead and the builder. Under the main monument, there are several pedestals. There are more and more wider from the top to the base. In the main monument sides, there are two buildings like the lamp holders. The whole tombstone is like a luxurious house, which expresses the family best wishes to the dead. On the main monument, the builder also can carve some patterns in order to express the builder’s wishes, such as four-leaf clover.

Second, it looks serious and the main color of the tombstone is black. Black is a powerful color, and it also can be elegant and can make other colors unique. When the builder only use the black tombstone, the black will make us feel depressed. The black links to the sadness, the death, the power, the confidence and the strength.