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 There are varieties of the landscape stones. Different types have different shapes. Such as the shapes of footballs, the shapes of the wheels, the shapes of the landscape lights, the shapes of animals and etc. The surfaces of the landscape stones are smooth, especially the shapes of the balls. The material of the landscape is mainly the Chinese granite. The quality of the granite is exquisite, shining and hard. And it is uneasy to be weathered away into soil. Because of its high density, the blots are not allowed to invade the stones. These landscape stones contain high compression strengths, and low water-absorptivity, decorative strong. The surface enjoys the high hardness. The granite from China stone supplier also enjoys good chemical resistance. Granites come from the magma. When the temperature comes down, the magma will change into the granites. The dominate sectors of the granites are feldspar and quartz.