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 Mosaics are divided into several types. They are glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic and etc.

The glass mosaic is made from the glass and the natural mineral. It enjoys the reputation of light weight, acid- resistance, alkali-resistance, Chemical resistance. It is transparent and back lighting. The color is bright. If designed into graphic, it will be better. The result is dreaming-like, and enjoyable. It suits for bathroom, and swimming pool, but it is not wearproof

The marble mosaic and China stone has various veins and very strong adornment effect. It also has all kinds of colors and species. The colors can be organic re-matched. The scope of utilization is extremely widespread, such as pathway, bathroom and etc.

The ceramic mosaic enjoys the reputations of water-proof, wet-resistance, wearproof and easy to clean. It suits for bathroom and kitchen. The low rate of absorption is the key factor. Our products are rigorous process. First the rate of skid resistance of glaze is high; second, the thickness is high; finally, the specification is clear.