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Viscont White Granite Slabs

Viscont White Granite Slabs

Item No.JLGS018
Update Time:2010-12-30 11:40:27



Color:Blue granite slabs,Black granite slabs,White granite slabs,Red granite slabs,Yellow granite slabs,Grey granite slabs,Green granite slabs and so on for choice.

Origin:China,India,Norway,Greece,Brazil,South Africa etc.

Standard Size:160upx280upx2cm,160upx280upx3cm,60upx240upx2cm,70upx240upx3cm etc.



Packages:Strong wooden shelf,reinforced with Iron Bars. 

Slab Polishing:With most advanced and high quality slab polishing lines,we can calibrate the flatness of raw slabs and make the flatness tolerance less than 0.2MM over other brand.10 shining degree can be improved by using high quality abrasive from Italy.