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Yellow Artificial Stone

Yellow Artificial Stone

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Update Time:2011-1-4 19:50:36



Artificial marble(engineered stone,solid surface) is made of natural Marble chips and Polyester resin. It is a leading building material that conforms fully to the art of spatial creation with humanistic beauty.

The hardness of artificial marble is between 3-4 Mohs, hard and solid.

Low water absorption,free of re-humidified, crack, warping,durable.

Unlike natural marble, artificial marble can be available in all colors. Its color consistent and symmetrical vein/ pattern and with wide application.

It can be repolishable after being installed for a long period of time.

Free of cavities,no cracking vein.

It is widely used in artificial stone flooring,artificial stone wall,artificial stone tiles,Internal facades,artificial stone countertop,stairs,bathroom,border,furniture to decorations and corridors etc.

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